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Barry’s Bootcamp, West Hollywood


Barry’s Bootcamp, West Hollywood is a gym in West Hollywood, California, USA that is popular with celebrities. Becca Tobin worked out here in August 2016.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Becca Tobin

In the year leading up to her December 2016 wedding, Becca Tobin got white dress ready with consistent workouts at Barry's Bootcamp, West Hollywood. In November 2016, she worked out here several times and asked, "Do I look like an American hero? Cause I feel like one. 16 classes in 30 days." Then in October 2017, Becca sipped a green drink from Barry's "#fuelbar" and said, "My love for the Green Latifah smoothie runs deep."

Q Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson classified his workout here in August 2017 as "Aggressive."

Q Monique Coleman

Monique Coleman faced the treadmills here in July 2017.