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Bronx Zoo is a zoo in Bronx, New York, NY, United States that is popular with celebrities. Mariah Carey and her kids came here in September 2015.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice wore an alligator-shaped hat during her Bronx Zoo visit in August 2017 — she saw a peacock, seal, and gorilla that was "Straight chillin."

Q Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu and her baby boy gazed at an adult and baby gorilla when they were here in April 2017. For World Turtle Day in May 2015, Lucy took a selfie with zoo resident Rocket, an Aldabra tortoise.

Q Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and her kids visited the Bronx Zoo over Labor Day weekend in September 2015. "C'mon, it's LAMBTASTIC" the pop star said of her pic with a couple of real lambs (MC's fans are collectively called the "lambily").Jessica Chastain fed a giraffe in August 2015 as part of research for her role in The Zookeeper's Wife.

Q Jessica Chastain