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Central Park is an urban park in New York, NY that is popular with celebrities. Debra Messing enjoyed the “Bubble Man’s” performance there in June 2015.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Elisabeth Moss

"I [heart] NY" is what Elisabeth Moss said while laying in the grass here in June 2017.

Q Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart, her sisters, and their kids went through Central Park in December 2015 while "on our way to skate." In 2016 and 2017, it continued to be all about "Family time in #CentralPark" for the celebrity and her children.

Q Ralph Maccio

Ralph Macchio went for "A walk through Central Park on a picture perfect weather day" in June 2017.

Q Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs enjoyed a very NYC afternoon in May 2017, eating an ice cream from Mister Softee while watching the work of Central Park's "Bubble Man."

Q Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller biked through the park in May 2017 and said it's "Not safe to film and ride."

Q Mayim Bialik

"How about instead of doing press I spend the entire day in this park?" is what Mayim Bialik asked when she was "walking back to the hotel" through here in May 2017.

Q Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas pointed out some pigeons when he popped by the park in May 2017.

Q Rachel Zoe

"Oh Hi pretty New York City" is what Rachel Zoe said during a "#sundaystroll" here in April 2017.

Q Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale checked in at Central Park in April 2017.

Q Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton observed the park's flora and fauna in April 2017 and said of one creature sitting on a rock, "This turtle knows what's up."

Q Jessica Chastain

"I love NY with all my being" is what Jessica Chastain said while walking through Central Park in April 2017. She's a big fan of this big outdoor space, having gone for an afternoon walk with her dog Chaplin in December 2015, riding a bike here in April 2016, and reading a book on the grass in June 2016, which caused her to say she was "Happy to be home."

Q Jessica Seinfeld

Jessica Seinfeld dressed up her dogs and captioned their April 2017 photo here, "Cherry Blossoms and denim."

Q Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler had a chance to check out the nature here in April 2017.

Q Alessandra Ambrosio

"We [heart] NY" is what Alessandra Ambrosio said while sharing a kiss with her kids on a rock here during March 2017 "#springbreak."

Q Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo laid out in the sun on a "C e n t r a l P a r k" bench in March 2017.

Q Josh Gad

Josh Gad took "A quiet stroll through a winter wonderland" here on St. Patrick's Day in March 2017.

Q Bindi Irwin

"In love with cups of tea overlooking the city skyline, morning walks in Central Park and you, always you" is what Bindi Irwin said when she was in the park with her boyfriend in February 2017.

Q Jenna Ushkowitz

Jenna Ushkowitz was checked in to Central Park when she took her dog for a walk in February 2017.

Q Mariska Hargitay

In February 2017, Mariska Hargitay said, "WindyHairDontCare" when she had "TheBestDay" here on a February 2017 "#SnowDay."

Q Bob Saget

"My god I love Central Park" is what Bob Saget had to say when he was here in December 2015. Back nearly two years later in February 2017, he had a similar sentiment: "My God I love New York so much."

Q Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton had a sister "Snooooow day" here with Paris Hilton in February 2017.

Q Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling posed for a photo in the beautiful natural light here in November 2016.

Q Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa photographed a brightly-colored tree here in November 2016 and called it "Central Park Magic."

Q Lea Michele

Lea Michele held her red Starbucks cup as she crossed a bridge here in November 2016.

Q Skylar Astin

In November 2016, Skylar Astin had some "Fun times with baby sis in the park!"

Q Candace Cameron Bure

"When you box a little in Central Park" is how Candace Cameron Bure captioned a video of her getting fit here in April 2016. In November 2016, she called the park her "home away from home."

Q Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld

Jessica Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld were "enjoying Jonas" — the name of the blizzard in January 2016 — by bundling up and cuddling up in Central Park. In Fall of 2016, the Jessica sat on a bench here with Jerry and described the park as "a psychedelic dream right now," adding that a certain "red tree in Central Park is blowing everyone's mind."

Q Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin "went for a little stroll through Central Park in NYC" with Andrea Barber and ran into "Big Bird and Cookie Monster" in October 2016.

Q Victoria Justice

In November 2014, Victoria Justice, her mom, and her sister, took a tour of Central Park by way of horse-drawn carriage. A few years later in October 2016, Victoria tried her hand at blowing a big bubble here!

Q Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen took her son to a swingset here for some "Park playing" in October 2016.

Q Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff said, "I [heart] Central Park," when she took a family stroll here in October 2016.

Q Lauren Parsekian

Lauren Parsekian posed in a pile of Fall leaves beneath a tree here in November 2015 and witnessed the "Pop" of a bubble on a sunny September 2016 day here.

Q Debra Messing

Debra Messing thanked the famed Bubble Man for the "#mesmerizing" and "BEAUTIFUL BUBBLES" he blew during a sunny June 2015 day. Debra Messing appreciated the "#explodingcolors" she observed at Central Park on Thanksgiving in November 2015. Debra Messing declared "SPRING IS NEAR" in February 2016 after spotting an "Ice cream vendor in Central Park" in February 2016. Debra Messing and her son were a "Dynamic Duo" while checked in to the park in August 2016.
Katie Holmes came across the "Unexpected sounds" of a musician under a bridge in Central Park in May 2016. Katie Holmes posted a throwback photo in August 2016 of "my dad and me in Central Park."
Solange Knowles participated in the annual water fight here in July 2016 and said, "It was not a game out there in these Water Fight New York streets . . . My edges did not survive and are blending terribly with my body wave 10 inches."
"We are the only ones here NOT playing Pokemon Go" is what Jesse Tyler Ferguson said about his "stroll with some of the family" and Justin Mikita in July 2016.
Ashley Benson sat beside the water to snap a selfie here in June 2016. A month later, she was back with a beverage and said, "Never been so happy with my [coffee] in Central Park."
Naomi Watts had a "Great day of geocaching in Central Park" with Liev Schreiber and their children.
Mark Ruffalo had a laugh with his kids here in October 2015. Mark Ruffalo was at "The People's Park" in April 2016.
Emmy Rossum admired the blooming trees here in April 2016.
A nice April 2016 day provided the perfect moment for Miranda Cosgrove to go "Walking in Central Park."
Uma Thurman checked out a big bubble when she was here in March 2016.
Soleil Moon Frye and her daughter rode a carriage in Central Park in March 2016.
Lance Bass observed the "Birds" when he was in Central Park in March 2016.
Andrea Barber said it was "Such a beautiful day to run through central park" in February 2016 and crossed that experience off her "#bucketlist."
Salma Hayek snapped a snow "Selfie at Central Park" in February 2016.
Lauren Parsekian, Aaron Paul, and friends posed for a photo on top a huge rock here in December 2015. Lauren Parsekian called Aaron Paul a "Snow angel" in January 2016 and recommended, "Take a walk through Central Park with some headphones set to @jackgarratt Pandora, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a hot chocolate. You will thank me."
It was "Cold but beautiful" during Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell's "Central Park stroll" in January 2016.
Adrienne Bailon posed for a solo shot with a Central Park "Horse & Carriage" in December 2015.
During a "#studybreak" in December 2015, Angela Simmons played with her pup in the park.
Olivia Palermo went for a "Weekend stroll with my boys . . . in Central Park" in November 2015.
Jessie J and a friend explored Central Park in November 2015.
Jessica Lowndes passed through the park on a chilly day in January 2015. A layered-up Jessica Lowndes was "Taking a bite out of the Big Apple" with a visit to Central Park in November 2015.
Nicole Scherzinger and friends posed on a rock in September 2015 and quoted the Alicia Keys' song, "#concrete #jungle where #dreams are made of."
Carly Rae Jepsen came here in May 2015 and said, "I'll take a strawberry basil lemonade please!"
A bundled up in all black Ryan Phillippe braved the snow in February 2015 and admired "central park's snow covered & fragmented reflection off a building opposite columbus circle."
Camilla Belle wore workout wear for a November 2014 visit that included a moment of reflection next to part of the park's waters.
It was a "Gorgeous day for a run in #Central Park" in November 2013, declared Eva Longoria, who documented her workout with several scenic shots of the water and turning leaves.
Autumn Reeser believes "No trip to NY would be complete for me without a walk in Central Park," so she got a walk in with a friend in October 2014.

Q Katie Holmes

Q Solange Knowles

Q Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

Q Ashley Benson

Q Naomi Watts

Q Mark Ruffalo

Q Emmy Rossum

Q Miranda Cosgrove

Q Uma Thurman

Q Soleil Moon Frye

Q Lance Bass

Q Andrea Barber

Q Salma Hayek

Q Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

Q Brian Littrell

Q Adrienne Bailon

Q Angela Simmons

Q Olivia Palermo

Q Jessie J

Q Nicole Scherzinger

Q Carly Rae Jepsen

Q Ryan Phillippe

Q Camilla Belle

Q Eva Longoria

Q Autumn Reeser