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CN Tower is a tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is popular with celebrities. Ryan Phillippe snapped a photo of it in November 2016.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz was here in October 2017 and quoted the Drake lyric, "turn the 6 upside down it's a 9 now."

Q Drake

Drake snapped a selfie with the CN Tower in October 2017 and captioned it, "Moodaz."

Q O-Town>Erik Estrada

"Cars here" is what O-Town's Erik Estrada said when he snapped a mirror selfie with this tower in April 2017.

Q Hailee Steinfeld

Seeing this landmark meant Hailee Steinfeld was "back in the 6" in June 2017.

Q Jason Biggs

"I call this one 'Picking My Nose With The CN Tower" is what Jason Biggs captioned his clever photo here in September 2017.

Q Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe made a reference to Drake's Views cover art in November 2016, by snapping a pic of the tower and saying, "hi drizzy (u cant see but he up there)."

Q Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell posed for a pic with the CN Tower when she was in town in October 2017 and said, "always [love] going home."