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London Eye is an observatory and tourist attraction in London, England. Kendall Jenner took a night ride on it in March 2015.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon "Just touched down in London Town" in January 2016 and took spin on the London Eye.

Q Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson took a group pic with her girlfriends while riding this ride in November 2016.

Q Halle Berry

"I see you, London" is what Halle Berry said about seeing the London Eye along the city skyline in December 2016.

Q Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill stared out the window here and said, "If you're wondering what I'm thinking about, it's what bottle of champagne" he'd share with the winner of a charity contest he was a part of in January 2017.

Q Ian Ziering

The London Eye provided the perfect backdrop for Ian Ziering's February 2017 Valentine's Day picture with his wife and said, "A day to reflect on all the things we old close to our hearts, and deepen the love we have for family and friends."

Q Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Justin Mikita

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita took a total tourist shot "between the Ben and the Eye" in May 2014.

Q Kaley Cuoco

"London 'eye' see you" is how Kaley Cuoco captioned a shot of her and then-husband Ryan Sweeting when they took a spin during a sunny day here in June 2015.

Q Kendall Jenner

During a night ride in March 2015, Kendall Jenner and her make-up artist covered their mugs and joked from the center seat of the London Eye, "hide ya wife hide ya face."

Q Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox lined up a May 2017 selfie so that the London Eye fit in the frame.

Q Meghan Trainor

With a glass of champagne in her hand and her brother by her side, Meghan Trainor rode the London Eye for her "Third time" in April 2016 and said it "gets better every time." Meghan Trainor and her mom were all about the view from this observatory in June 2015. Meghan Trainor took a spin with a friend who "Claims he's a true Londoner but has never been on the @londoneye" in May 2016.

Q Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart said "Mission accomplished" after sharing that she and her boys "made it across the pond and immediately the boys wanted to do 2 things" — see Big Ben and ride the London Eye.

Q Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove shared a throwback photo in May 2017 of her and Josh Peck "on the London Eye a million years ago."

Q Peter Facinelli

After framing the perfect shot, Peter Facinelli captioned it with "I spy the London Eye" when he and daughter Luca were there in July 2014.