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Loveless Cafe is a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, United States that is popular with celebrities. Reese Witherspoon has ordered its fried chicken.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Adrienne Bailon

Back for more in December 2016, Adrienne Bailon described the Loveless Cafe as "ironically, one of the most romantic places I've ever been" and added, "did i mention the incredible biscuits? o.m.g." Adrienne Bailon returned to this restaurant in April 2017 for some moonshine, a fried chicken biscuit, and eggs. Adrienne Bailon had the "Best. Biscuits. Ever." at Loveless Cafe in April 2016.

Q Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, Sheryl Crow

Tennessee native Reese Witherspoon made a stop at Loveless Cafe in June 2017. The Loveless Cafe has a sign that says "You don't have to be famous to eat here," but a lot of famous folks have! Here are just a few celebrity orders: Reese Witherspoon got the Loveless fried chicken with creamed corn and hashbrown casserole, Sheryl Crow chowed down on a pancake and scrambled eggs, and Miley Cyrus's Hannah Montana had this cafe cater for the crew.