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Meiji Jingu is a monument and shrine in Tokyo, Japan that is popular with celebrities. Justin Bieber popped up here in December 2015.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung declared her love for Meiji Jingu shrine when she was there in May 2015.

Q Camilla Belle

"The rain didn't stop" Camilla Belle from stopping by the shrine in April 2017.

Q Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke washed her hands at the cleansing station, made a wish, and placed an envelope inside the offering box when she was here in June 2017.

Q Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber popped up at Meiji Jingu in December 2015.

Q Kate Upton

Kate Upton came to "#meijishrine" during her June 2017 "#Tokyo" trip for her 25th birthday.

Q Kristi Yamaguchi

On a "Beautiful day for a walk" in June 2017, Kristi Yamaguchi made her way to Meiji Jungu with her"#papasan."

Q Laverne Cox

"From #Harajuku Street to the sacred shine" of Meiji Jingu, Laverne Cox determined in August 2015 that "Tokyo is beautiful.

Q Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham shared a photograph from her time here in August 2016 — she showed off an ornament and said she "shall never forget this Shinto shrine, where someone kindly made a wish for all the single ladies."

Q Shakira

Shakira shared a shotin December 2015 of her embracing her boys at Meiji Jingu and shared, "in 2012 I made two wishes and they came true!"

Q Shawn Mendes

"The boys in Japan!" is what Shawn Mendes captioned his group photo here in February 2017.

Q Uzo Aduba

Uzo Aduba spent time at this "peaceful place" in September 2015.