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Vancouver Aquarium


Vancouver Aquarium is an aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that is popular with celebrities. Michael Buble pet a beluga whale there in 2015.

Celebrity Check-ins

Q Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene concluded, "Life. Complete" after she "got to meet a few rescues" at the Vancouver Aquarium in July 2016. She explained, "Otters have become a weird obsession of mine."

Q Jaime King

Jaime King went "Under the sea with James Knight" (her adorable son) during a family aquarium outing in July 2016.

Q Michael Buble

Michael Buble thanked the Vancouver Aquarium in August 2015 for his "first Vulcan mind meld with a beluga whale."

Q Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris came here in June 2016 and said "The Vancouver Aquarium is stellar! Loved it!" While checking out the otters, he added, "The kids learned all kinds of new things."