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What It’s Really Like to Meet Britney Spears


To know me is to know that Britney Spears is my main, well, b**ch, and it takes everything in me not to make every post on this site about her. I’ve never had any shame in my bubblegum pop -loving game, but to back up my Britney Army credentials, here are a few fun facts: I bought and still treasure her first CD single. I practiced her music video dance moves in my dorm room. Even though my abs were never as enviable, I displayed the dangliest belly button ring because of her and attempted to replicate whatever she was wearing through the late ’90s, the oughts, and even now. I made sure it was a Britney song that christened the CD player in my brand new car. I pretended to pick Jouney’s “Lights” as a must-play wedding song at my wedding because of its San Francisco ties, but really, it was because I heard it was the first dance for Mr. and Mrs. Federline. And as I type this, I am sitting snuggly on my very own “Stronger”-esque chair.

I rooted for her even when her, well, roots were showing because she shaved her head.

Living legend you can look but don’t touch